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AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.1 Unveiled with Several Upscaler Changes

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    AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.1 Unveiled with Several Upscaler Changes

    Farming Simulator 2022 is the first game to implement the new version.

    AMD late Thursday unveiled the FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.1 (FSR 2.1) performance enhancement, which builds on the performance-quality gains of FSR 2.0, while improving the visual fidelity and correcting several kinds of upscaling artifacts visible to the keen eye. To begin with, it corrected ghosting issues with geometry carrying motion vectors not matching the underlying pixel colors, which were causing a "shimmering" effect. There are also changes to the disocclusion logic that let it detect disocclusions in areas with little depth separating objects, which again should address some ghosting issues.

    Upscaled output quality has been improved by turning some upscaler computations from FP16 to FP32 (full-precision), which should improve color range and temporal stability of the upscaled image. Ghosting issues on transparent geometry has also been improved by updates to the reactive mask. Ghosting issues on geometry with motion vectors not matching underlying pixel colors have been addressed with improvements to the composition and transparency mask. AMD detailed FSR 2.1 in its GPUOpen page, and has made the software available to game developers. Any game currently implementing FSR 2.0 can release FSR 2.1 support through patches. The latest version 1.7.1 patch of Farming Simulator 2022 implements FSR 2.1.

    Source: techPowerUp!

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