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Net Neutrality in the USA (FCC)

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    Net Neutrality in the USA (FCC)

    This is a very important point in time for the openness of the internet. The FCC votes on Thursday the 14th of December 2017. They are voting to undo "Net Neutrality". We must raise awareness and inform as many peoples as we can, in order to help prevent this and to keep the internet open.

    Net neutrality affects everyone who uses the Internet. This protest is for all of us. Here’s a big list of creative ways to “Break the Internet” for the 48 hours before the FCC vote. Go wild and Tweet every 10 minutes until the FCC vote, change your job on LinkedIn to “Defending Net Neutrality” or say you’re “Married to the Open Internet” on Facebook. Do whatever you can to get *everyone’s* attention and drive phone calls to Congress.


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