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Valve Corporation Makes Big Pricing Change to Game Bundles

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    Valve Corporation Makes Big Pricing Change to Game Bundles

    Valve Corporation is implementing a big change concerning game bundles. Under the new policy, you will only pay for the games that you do not already own. For now, however, only certain bundles will be affected.

    There's a big shake-up coming to how Steam's bundle purchases work, giving them dynamic pricing. In official documentation given to developers and received by PCGN, Valve have outlined a redesign of Steam bundles so that they automatically give buyers that already own some of the products within a discount. This scales based on the number of products, and is already available on some bundles in the wild, though remains officially unannounced. This also has the knock-on effect of making sure that bundles are properly discounted when their components are on timed sales.

    Valve's official explanation to developers goes like this, "With Steam Bundles, if a customer already [owns] some items in the Bundle, they will pay for and receive only the items not already in their account. This allows the best fans of your series or franchise to 'complete the set' and get a deal on the remaining items in the Bundle."

    Source: PCGames N

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    But... what if I WANT to have 4 different digital versions of the same game


      Originally posted by Sazar View Post
      But... what if I WANT to have 4 different digital versions of the same game
      This is nice.. as an owner of Tomb Raider (2013), its nice to see the GOTY bundle with all the DLC packs on Steam (-75% OFF!) and be able to pay a mere $7.46 or the EDIOS Anthology (where already own several of the games) that is priced at over $200 for less than $30 !!
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        I've picked up some DLCs and cheap single games in bundles with this.
        75% off plus the bundle discount = 80%+

        I hate to say this, TY Steam.
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