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NVIDIA Re-launches SHIELD Tablet as SHIELD Tablet K1

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    NVIDIA Re-launches SHIELD Tablet as SHIELD Tablet K1

    Nvidia has apparently relaunched their Shield Tablet by adding "K1" after the name. Can you tell its a slow news day! Hit the link for the full details.

    The life of the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet has had some ups and downs. Josh reviewed it last year, and at the time he found that NVIDIA's tech for game streaming offered an interesting value proposition. Unfortunately, NVIDIA was forced to issue a total recall on the tablets due to overheating concerns earlier this year, and while they shipped replacement devices to consumers, the SHIELD Tablet ended up being removed from sale. This was quite unfortunate, and it left a gap in the Android tablet market that I really haven't seen any vendor fill.

    Today NVIDIA is re-introducing the SHIELD Tablet with a new name. It's now called the SHIELD Tablet K1, something I hope implies we will soon see a SHIELD Tablet X1.

    Source: Anandtech
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