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BlackBerry Priv Review (Poor on Privacy?)

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    BlackBerry Priv Review (Poor on Privacy?)

    For those of you looking for a review of the new Blackberry Priv ZDNet has one up today. They really like the hardware keyboard and battery life but find it lacking in privacy. I'm no mobile phone expert but isn't that what BlackBerry is known for? Head on over to read the entire review.

    BlackBerry is back, this time with a blast from the past with a modern twist.

    If you think of beleaguered phone maker BlackBerry, physical keyboards probably come to mind. They were sent the way of the fairies in the wake of the iPhone's debut back in 2007 and have scarcely been seen on the mobile marketplace radar since -- but a lot's changed in nearly a decade.

    While the iPhone may be the dominant smartphone, it's Android who takes the software crown.

    Mix the two together, and you get the long-awaited (and highly anticipated, at least in the phone community) "Franken-phone" mashup of Android and BlackBerry.

    Say hello to the "Priv."

    Yes, the name stinks, but BlackBerry wasn't fazed: the company says it stands for "privilege" and "privacy." There's a sneaking suspicion that privilege comes first because this is not a privacy phone and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. (We have more on that in this story.)

    Source: ZDNet
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