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Tom's Harware Best Memory

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    Tom's Harware Best Memory

    Tom's Hardware has posted a couple more "best of" articles and next up is DDR3 and DDR4 memory kits. I you're looking for some memory upgrades this holiday season you may want to check it out. Memory has been getting cheaper as of late so this might be a good time to pick some up.

    Standard memory is great for standard machines, but Tom's Hardware readers are always looking for a little more. Whether its more bandwidth for onboard graphics or more capacity for video editing, we've covered the entire price scale of performance parts. Readers who don't know what we're talking about can look to our How To Build A PC as a primer.

    Memory prices for both DDR3 and DDR4 have continued to decline throughout the summer. Traditional 16GB dual-channel performance kits (2x 8GB) are now starting at around $70 for DDR3 and $80 for DDR4. Do feel free to pay more in order to assure higher data rates or better timings, as we often do in our System Builder Marathon machines.

    While other companies were first to the press box, Corsair was the first brand to release a 128GB Quad-Channel memory kit, and a price drop from $1600 to $1080 could put it within reach of premium system builders. Defying our expectations concerning supply-driven discounts, modules containing 8Gb (1GB) ICs retain an approximate 50 percent price-per-capacity penalty over those using 8Gb ICs.

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