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Need for Speed Interview

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    Need for Speed Interview

    Craig Sullivan, the creative director for Ghost games has given an interview on the new Need for Speed game. One of the main points he makes is all DCL will be free for gamers who purchase the game. Hit the link below to read the rest of the interview.

    Need for Speed is back, two years after the drive-cars-real-fast series' previous entry, Rivals. And that's not normal. Gamers had become used to seeing a new Need for Speed game every year, without fail, all the time, forever. It's been that way since 2002, with the only previous breaks since the series began in 1994 coming in 1995-96 and 2001. That said, now that I think about it, '95 and '96 saw the original The Need for Speed ported to PC and consoles from the 3DO, so really the franchise has had just the one year off before now, in 2001. We've had a near continuous 20-plus years of needing to speed(ing).

    This year's Need for Speed is one of those reboots we've become accustomed to in gaming, from Tomb Raider to Mortal Kombat to Prince of Persia – no subtitle, no gimmicks, just driving, at night, with a car you can make bright pink and plaster dogs all over the sides of. I did that, because pink cars are cool and dogs are ace. It's got real people in the cutscenes, it takes cues from 2003's awesome Need for Speed: Underground, and it feels purer than any Need for Speed title witnessed in recent years.

    Craig Sullivan is creative director at Ghost Games, the Gothenburg-based studio behind both this new instalment in the series and 2013's Need for Speed Rivals. I asked him some questions. Questions like these.

    [This Space For Rent]