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Top Chrome extensions for better browsing

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    Top Chrome extensions for better browsing

    Today Betanews has an article on the top Google Chrome extensions for better browsing. If you're main browser is Chrome you may want to check out the list of extensions. I use Firefox as my main browser and it has about every add-on/extension you can think of.

    Google Chrome browser has become widely popular thanks to its high speed, elegant, minimalistic interface, and in-built translator; and, well, it is a Google product after all. Thanks to its fame and tons of users, the number of available extensions to improve the usage of this web browser is constantly growing and the quality of the offered apps is increasing as well.

    You’ll be surprised by the many extensions that can help you to do so much more than just regular browsing. If you select effective and useful extensions they can increase your productivity online considerably. As we don’t want our favorite readers to spend too much time on trying out the extensions in an attempt to find the worthy ones, we’ve reviewed the top Google Chrome extensions for better browsing.

    Source: Betanews
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