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Need for Speed (2015) Review

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    Need for Speed (2015) Review

    Shacknews has taken Need for Speed 2015 out for a test drive. Head on over to see what Dan thought of the reboot and if its worthy of your hard earned dollars.

    EA kept its Need for Speed series in the shop while Ghost Games worked on its reboot for a 2015 release. The new Need for Speed was revealed prior to E3, which EA then gave a proper showing during the big event. I knew to expect the new game to have more of an Underground vibe to it, which means I would have to listen to a bunch of 20-something year olds with nicknames like “Spike” telling me it's “party o’clock” to indicate the race is about to begin. What I didn’t expect was how visually stunning some parts of Need for Speed would be.
    Hit The Streets

    Need for Speed starts with the player coming into Ventura Bay to join a small group of unknown racers. Each race you complete successfully brings you and your crew one step closer to being better recognized throughout the street racing community, and each of them can teach you a thing or two based on their expertise. There are a total of five different ways to earn Reputation in the game: Speed, Style, Build, Crew, and Outlaw. As you complete missions based on these Reputation styles, you’ll be one step closer to challenging a Driving Icon. Defeating a Driving Icon will not only earn their respect, but also gain you infamy.

    Source: Shacknews
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