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Could This Transforming Touchscreen Make a Tablet for the Blind?

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    Could This Transforming Touchscreen Make a Tablet for the Blind?

    Really interesting concepts here.

    Touchscreens revolutionized mobile computing, but if you want to use a touchscreen phone or tablet, you need more than just fingers; you need to be able see as well. Until now, the blind have been unfortunately left behind in our race into a touchscreen future, but a new tablet called "Blitab" might be able to help.

    It's not that it's impossible for the blind to use iPads or smartphones. There are devices built precisely for that purpose. If you've never seen one before, they're actually quite fascinating. A collection of uniquely-shaped buttons and Braille pistons that fire up and down can actually let someone without eyesight find their way around a tablet. ​

    A touchscreen that has tactile key-bumps that can appear out of nowhere has been a dream feature ever since phones started abandoning actual physical keyboards. And in the intervening years, it's actually become a reality. The first commercial outing of such a screen comes in the form of an iPad case made by a company called Tactus.
    Source: Popular Mechanics

    Wouldn't it be easier to use existing haptics to do tactile morse code? Having bubbles of fluid as a screen layer seems kind of dicey to me...