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Get more boom for your buck with 5 bass-heavy headphones that don’t suck

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    Get more boom for your buck with 5 bass-heavy headphones that don’t suck

    Thoughts? I may be in the market for a set myself.

    As of the Black Eyed Peas once pointed out, sometimes you just gotta get that “boom, boom, boom.” Wise words from a wise man. And as far as we’re concerned, there’s nothing wrong with a little extra oomph when it comes to headphones — so long as it doesn’t hinder performance elsewhere. The best bass-heavy headphones on the market revel in that low-end thump, without sacrificing treble or mid-range clarity in order to achieve their desired amount of boom.
    Source: Digital Trends

    Wow a headphone list that I don't completely disagree with.

    World must be ending.

    FWIW If I could do it over again, I'd of waited for the Crossfades over my HD600s. But they were still being designed when I was in the market, and impatience got to me.

    The Urbanites are your typical wireless overpriced function. The Momentum 2.0s are above average, good, but expensive. The Beyers are good, but I'd take the 660s over the Custom Ones.

    And Earbuds for bass? Looking in the wrong market.
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      If you use your headphones mostly on PC, then you can get away with almost any good pair of headphones, as long as you have a decent amp, and use a parametric equalizer like APO. It takes some configuration to set the levels and frequencies to your headphones, but they can make a good pair of cans really blast. It turns my HD598s into a real powerhouse, and my HD280s into absolute bass monsters.

      I don't do much portable listening as once you hear properly driven headphones, you don't go back.


        I've been wanting to try the dt770 since I bought my dt990.

        Just been so pleased by my dt990 that I haven't bought anything since
        Originally posted by Mangler
        Good work guys, we can't have too many positive posts in a row on this forum.