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Intel's NUC5i7RYH mini-PC with Iris graphics reviewed

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    Intel's NUC5i7RYH mini-PC with Iris graphics reviewed

    I seem to remember someone on the forums questioning if something like this were readily available. Here's a good read...

    Beefier Broadwell-U in the palm of your hand
    by Geoff Gasior — 10:57 AM on June 10, 2015

    Despite being branded as the Next Unit of Computing, Intel's NUC wasn't actually a new idea. It simply formalized an approach other PC makers had been taking for years: squeezing lower-power notebook chips into tiny chassis that make even Mini-ITX rigs look morbidly obese. Some horsepower and expansion are inevitably lost versus small-form-factor desktops, but modern mobile chips are fast enough—and integrated enough—to let palm-sized PCs deliver a good experience for most common computing tasks.

    The last NUC to pass through our labs was a slim Broadwell unit that wraps a 15W Core i5 processor in a palm-sized package just 1.4" thick. Today, we're taking a closer look at its big brother, the NUC5i7RYH. This model expands the formula slightly to accommodate not only additional storage, but also a beefier Core i7 with a 28W TDP. Those perks make the machine a more well-rounded proposition than its predecessor—and a potentially better fit for a wider range of applications.
    Source: TechReport