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Fractal Design's Define S case reviewed

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    Fractal Design's Define S case reviewed

    I like it...

    Imported from the future
    by Jeff Kampman — 2:11 PM on June 29, 2015

    Fractal Design's Define R5 is my favorite case in TR's labs right now. It's quiet, it cools well, and it's a breeze to work in. It's also one of the rare cases we've deemed worthy of our Editor's Choice award. At $110 and up, however, it's positioned toward the high end of the mid-tower case market, and some buyers might not need all of the bells and whistles, or storage space, that the R5 offers.

    Fractal Design appears to agree with this view. The Define S, the latest addition to the Define series, is a somewhat stripped-down—and more affordable—version of the R5. Fractal has taken a scalpel to some of that case's extras to get the price down, but it's kept a lot of what made the R5 so good—and it's given the Define S a couple of new tricks inside.
    Source: Tech Report