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Got Secrets? This Dropbox Competitor Will Encrypt Them

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    Got Secrets? This Dropbox Competitor Will Encrypt Them

    I like where these guys are coming from. I am all for better methods of securing what I do online.

    Everyone really ought to do more to protect themselves online. Use two-factor authentication. Encrypt email. Make sure any downloaded software hasn’t been tampered with. But it is such a pain.

    Many companies see a business opportunity in making all of this easier. Keybase, founded by OK Cupid co-founders Chris Coyne and Max Krohn, is the latest to join this new field of consumer-focused security companies.

    Keybase started out focused largely on making it slightly easier to encrypt email using a technology called PGP, short for “Pretty Good Privacy.” Now the company is expanding into other areas, starting with Dropbox-style file sharing, where it hopes to be able to do more good. And it’s just landed $10.8 million in funding led by Andreessen Horowitz to make it happen.

    “[Encryption] shouldn’t be something only a hacker can do,” Krohn says. “It should be something that anyone using a workstation in their daily lives should be able to use effectively. You shouldn’t have to understand crypto in order to use these products.”
    Source: Wired