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Windows 10 unlikely to hike PC demand, say Taiwan ODMs

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    Windows 10 unlikely to hike PC demand, say Taiwan ODMs

    I'm not sure this will be much of a surprise to anyone.

    Monica Chen, Taipei; Joseph Tsai, DIGITIMES [Wednesday 8 July 2015]

    Many Taiwan-based ODMs hold the opinion that Windows 10 will not be able to boost large-scale PC replacements and upgrades because a large proportion of consumers mainly use PCs for Web surfing and document processing, and therefore do not need the advanced functions provided by Windows 10.

    Seeing orders from the second half remain weak, many ODMs have become pessimistic about the benefits brought by Windows 10, despite the fact that Microsoft still remains optimistic about Windows 10's potential of creating a new PC replacement trend.

    The ODMs pointed out that most consumers have shifted their budgets to purchase a new smartphone since they have no immediate need to buy a new PC, and Windows 10's first-year free upgrade will make the matter worse.

    Microsoft has been aggressively promoting the new features of Windows 10 such as the restoration of the Start Menu, Cortana smart voice assistant, new Microsoft Edge browser, Continuum technology, bio-sensor technology and Windows Hello.

    Entering the third quarter, traditionally the peak season of the notebook market, the retail channel has not seen much increase in demand and is currently suffering from inventory pileups.

    To minimize the impact, ODMs are turning to focus on non-notebook product lines such as smartphones and wearable products.
    Source: Digitimes

    Same thing has been said about every OS release since Win95... And they've been wrong every time. Don't really know why they keep saying it...I think there is a lot of pent-up demand on tap...ever since the Win8 debacle and the beginning of the global economic slump, PC sales have been flagging--along with lots of other kinds of device sales. It's (Win10) probably going to be an incentive for lots of people who've been holding off to go ahead and buy a new PC. The only thing that might hurt hardware sales is that this update is *free* for most people, so the incentive to buy a new box to avoid the OS cost is removed. OTOH, there's never been a better time to buy new PC hardware--it's for sure that cell-phones and tablets can't replace them, as has become apparent to most people by now. We're reaching the tail-end of the "device fad", imo...
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      I'm hoping Win10's return to a somewhat familiar format will spur things a bit more than expected. The OS is fast and stable with some nice changes. But the average email/facebook users need to be convinced.


        I never thought it would increase sales of PCs but rather halt the switching from windows to mac. It also is designed to unify the 3 platforms ms owns and promotes.
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          The thing is if you bought a relative high end PC 4 years ago like an I7 2600K and did a few upgrades, mostly a SSD and graphics cards you would still have a relatively high end PC today. The advancements and thus the incentives to change out the whole PC is rather weak. Only thing that has significantly advance has been GPUs and Storage as in SSDs.
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