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Apple may switch to OLED displays for iPhone, reports Korea media

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    Apple may switch to OLED displays for iPhone, reports Korea media

    File this under rumor.

    Rumors published by the media in South Korea are stating that Apple is considering switching to OLED displays for iPhones shipping as early as 2018.

    A report from BusinessKorea stated Apple is highly considering switching from IPS technology to OLED to improve the saturation and brightness of the device.

    LG Display is expected to be the main supplier of the technology and is reportedly planning to switch LCD facilities at its Gumi plant over to OLED, with the goal of mass production by the end of 2017, the report said.

    Digitimes meanwhile recently got word from supply chain sources that Apple is in discussions over whether to go back to G/G glass instead of in-cell technology for future iPhone devices as the technology currently is struggling with various production bottlenecks that are preventing Apple from adding new features as well as increasing resolutions.

    Touch panel makers are aiming to create G/G touch panels that would allow Apple to create smartphones similar in thickness to current iPhones equipped with in-cell touch panels. G/G touch panels may also help Apple develop bezel-free smartphones as in-cell touch panels reportedly are struggling with touch sensitivity at the edges. In-cell touch panels also make it difficult for vendors to pursue higher resolutions including Ultra HD (4K) solutions used in smartphones due to current bottlenecks, the sources said.
    Source: DigiTimes
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    OLEDs are perfect for phones, since the quality of the display diminishes over time. Since phones are only meant to be used for 2-3 years, it all works out. Not so good for people who bought 1st gen PS Vitas.
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