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Canonical unveils its third Ubuntu phone, the Meizu MX4

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    Canonical unveils its third Ubuntu phone, the Meizu MX4

    Canonical pushes a bit harder into the mobile space.

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    After taking more than two years to get Ubuntu into its first smartphone, Canonical is picking up the pace. The second Ubuntu handset was announced earlier this month, and tomorrow, a third is going on sale in Europe. The Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Edition takes Meizu's existing MX4 (a Chinese-only Android device released last September) and replaces Google's operating system with Canonical's home screen-focused OS. Canonical says it's primarily focusing on attracting "enthusiasts" with the MX4, and the device's mildly eccentric buying system certainly reflects this.
    Unusual sales tactics aside, the MX4 is a definite step-up from previous Ubuntu devices. It offers a 5.36-inch screen with a 1152 x 1920 resolution, a 20.7-megapixel camera, and a quad-core 1.7GHz processor. However, there's only 16GB of storage available with no option to expand this with a microSD card.
    Source: The Verge
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