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Battlefield 4 PC "netcode patch" reduces latency by 60%

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    Battlefield 4 PC "netcode patch" reduces latency by 60%

    DICE has finally released the long-awaited "netcode patch" for the PC version of Battlefield 4. The idea behind is to reduce the feeling of lag, or high latency between players, so you don't die behind corners, fail to kill the guy when you totally killed the guy, and so on.

    Putting their money where their mouth is, the studio has also released a video showing hard latency comparisons pre-patch and post-patch, which show a difference of 60% and 62% in each test. So, drastically improved.


    Other patch changes include improved Mantle multi-GPU support, crash fixes, various other network fixes, and more. You can see the full notes at the source.

    Boot Origin now to grab the patch. Note there's a new "High Frequency Network" setting in-game, which you may have to change to High to take full advantage of the improvements (most connections should be able to handle High just fine; if you can't, just reduce gradually until it feels right).

    Source: Battlelog