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3DMark Sky Diver benchmark tests DirectX 11, video shows it in action

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    3DMark Sky Diver benchmark tests DirectX 11, video shows it in action

    Futuremark is releasing its new 3DMark "Sky Diver" benchmark, although it's not yet clear precisely when (more details next week). Sky Diver will be a free 3DMark update.

    The company describes it as the equivalent to a DirectX 11 game "played on normal settings", whereas its previous "Fire Strike" bench equates to a DX11 game played on ultra high settings.

    See it in action below.


    Not to be critical on a synthetic benchmark but it is nice and somewhat impressive. ..I was expecting a more masterful higher number of Direct x 11 effects given the updates on that api and how graphics cards have gotten more powerful but perhaps this is to appease the laptop market crowd.
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