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Intel 2015 roadmap leaks; Skylake, Alpine Ridge and more

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    Intel 2015 roadmap leaks; Skylake, Alpine Ridge and more

    The chinese version of VR-Zone has leaked some very interesting things concerning Intel's plans for the next year; it seems consumer and enterprise chipsets are merging, plus there are some solid information about what comes next in the pipeline.
    The first piece of big news here is that Intel is unifying the consumer and enterprise markets; so one chipset for all. So this means no more fragmentation of features, and Intel is better positioned to drive up volumes and increase profitability in the long run, as the simplification of their product line is evident in this slide. Coming in 2015, the Skylake platform will give consumers a taste of next generation, as it will sport both PCI Express 4.0 (which is still in the draft phase at the moment) and DDR4.

    Source: ~kombatant/lair
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