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New RadeonPro preview build available - add FXAA to your Radeon

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    New RadeonPro preview build available - add FXAA to your Radeon

    Everybody's favorite AMD Radeon tweak app has been updated, and the details posted at forums.

    May be bug as hell. If you don't want use FXAA feature or don't want to take screenshots in Dirt 3/Showdown or F3AR, you may keep using latest build Another featured removed in this preview is CFX bar.

    To install the preview, first uninstall current version (if a previous build is installed) and choose keep data at uninstaller, then install the new version.

    FXAA is not toggleable yet. It can be set at Global or Profile level. For most games FXAA can be combined with other AA options (forced by driver or in game AA option). It can be combined with MLAA as well, but results are not exactly someone can be brag about

    A note about FXAA option "Use Green as Luma": in some games luma (pixel brightness) can't be detected at shader code, when that happens FXAA won't be applied at all. On those cases the option Use Green as Luma can help. So far I saw this setting needed in a game only: Blur.

    Download from here.