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HP Pavillion P7 features new AMD 'Trinity' APU for desktops

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    HP Pavillion P7 features new AMD 'Trinity' APU for desktops

    The latest Pavilion p7 is hiding something under the hood: It is HP’s first desktop to rock the lasted AMD hardware, code-named, “Trinity.” What is Trinity, exactly – and what does it mean for your PC? Here’s the super-short version: Imagine a motherboard / CPU / integrated graphics solution that actually delivers a good, affordable performance kick.

    The rig that I grabbed from the labs has an AMD A8-5500 APU, 8GB RAM, Radeon HD 7560D (that’s the integrated graphics), and 1TB Seagate Barracuda 7200rpm HDD. The next step up tosses in an A10-5700 APU and 10GB of RAM (for $599.99).

    Other touches: The screwed-down drive cage can fit a couple 3.5-inch drives. It has 4 RAM stick slots (so my unit could, technically, get jacked up to 16GB RAM if you wanted to add horsepower).

    Just to keep us all grounded here, the p7 comes armed with a 300watt power supply. That means if you want to upgrade the graphics down the road (and you can – there is plenty of room to operate inside the case), this desktop has enough power to run a moderate solution.

    Read HP's full blog here

    From the previous HP p7 desktop machines I have dealt with, the tower is a fairly normal mid-sized tower, so you should be able to upgrade the power supply without much of a problem. I'd love to see what the performance numbers are for the A10 CPUs.