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AMD APU socket FM2 coming in June

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    AMD APU socket FM2 coming in June

    AMD's Trinity APU will use a new socket, FM2, precluding drop in upgrades for current FM1 APU adopters:

    What has already been mentioned as a rumor learns now officially confirmed: The Socket FM1 FM2 is mechanically incompatible with the base . Parallel to the new base that appears motherboards also have an enhanced chipset donated. Instead of the A75 will be found under the name said its deployment A85 - which had already connect the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) earlier this year leaked . What are the exact differences are between the two chipsets and the resulting motherboards, but they did not divulge exactly, because the boards are currently being evaluated. Surprises, one should not expect, however, the report said.

    Chronologically, it is up to the start of the A85-FM2 boards with base not far off. Computex 2012 in twelve weeks of every well-known manufacturers are the portfolio and then go directly into the sale. To launch the appropriate APU of the type "Trinity" could not announce an exact date, but this is expected in late June / early July.

    Read the full article at

    Reading that translation required me to use some brain cells I don't often encounter. And I haven't finished my coffee yet...