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Affiliate Network: AMD Radeon 7800 Series Launch Reviews

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    Affiliate Network: AMD Radeon 7800 Series Launch Reviews

    Now that you've read Rage3D's 7800 series launch review, here are some other viewpoints courtesy of our affiliate network:

    Tweaktown - HD 7850 / HD 7870

    Your kitguru link is to Rage's review.
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      Originally posted by Roxen View Post
      Your kitguru link is to Rage's review.
      Oops, was planning to link all the affiliates back to us.


        Do you guys have something against Techreport ? seems like you never include them in your review list although (imho) they offer some of the most intuitive looks at hardware.. the means by which they break down benchmarks (rather than the ho hum... Min/Avg/Max that nearly all other sites show.

        Anywho a decent showing for the 7800 series.. a decidedly huge improvement over the 6800 series though when compared to their price point contenders they eeck out a win in outright performance. The real winners here are power consumption and compute orientated applications. The losers.. the price conscious consumer. These cards would be slam dunk winners at $199-299.
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          Love Techreport. However, they're currently not an affiliate (don't trade links w/ us) - so this thread doesn't pertain.