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RealWorldTech reports on AMD's Analyst Day

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    RealWorldTech reports on AMD's Analyst Day

    David Kanter was able to attend the AMD Financial Analyst Day recently and offers this editorial on the news shared at the event:

    Overall, AMD’s strategy does not seem to have materially shifted from when Dirk Meyer was CEO. The company is also continuing to adapt to a fabless business model. The new management indicated that they would target leading, but not bleeding edge process technology. This seems to be a signal that they will be content with the roadmap set by TSMC and Global Foundries, which realistically lags Intel’s relentless pace by roughly 18 months. In context, this means that AMD will be at the head of the pack for fabless companies, taking advantage of the internal semiconductor expertise. The company is continuing to shift away from custom chip design towards a System-on-Chip (SoC) philosophy, where key IP blocks such as AMD’s CPUs, GPUs and memory controllers are combined together to create products targeted at different markets. The crux of the strategy is to focus on products where AMD’s IP is differentiated and can provide compelling value to customers, despite the manufacturing disadvantage.

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