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Team Rage3D Weekly Update: Jan 22 - 28

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    Team Rage3D Weekly Update: Jan 22 - 28

    Welcome back to another weekly update on Team Rage3D's Folding@Home performance!

    This news item is part of a weekly set of updates to raise awareness and encourage participation in Rage3D's Folding@Home team. Folding@home is a distributed computing project created by Stanford that simulates how proteins form, fold, and mis-fold in the body. Running folding@Home allows you to donate your own computer's processing power to help better understand and develop cures for diseases that include cancer, Alzheimer's, Mad Cow (BSE), CJD, ALS, Huntington's, and Parkinson's.

    It has been several weeks since the last update so lets start by catching up:

    Between Dec 18 and Jan 21, Team Rage3D:
    • Completed 135,138 Work Units (WUs) for an overall +216.2% increase,
    • Earned a total of 41,953,588 Points for an overall +11.7% increase,
    • Averaged 310.4 Points Per WU for an overall -64.7% decrease, and
    • Averaged 1,198,673.9 Points Per Day (PPD) for an overall +11.7% increase

    The thing that sticks out the most on first glace is our massive increase in work unit production. This combined with the decrease in points per WU hints at a much greater diversity of work units being processed rather than focusing on a few high point WU projects. And of course the healthy increase in total points is a good also!

    Now let's take a look at the last week:

    Between Jan 22 and Jan 28, Team Rage3D:
    • Completed 13,653 Work Units (WUs) which is down -63.7% from the week before,
    • Earned a total of 9,241,917 Points which is up +6.1% from the week before,
    • Averaged 617.9 Points Per WU which is up +192.4%% from the week before,
    • Averaged 1,320,273.9 Points Per Day (PPD) which is up +6.1% from the week before, and
    • Averaged 107.7 Active Users with a +8 change trend.

    Here we can see another rearranging of WUs except this time back to higher value Units. This could either be a result of a change in types of WUs being sent out, or a shift in how people have their clients set up. In any case we say a continued increase in points production, though not as steep as in previous weeks.

    On the Team Radar we see a much positive picture than we are used to: we are actually gaining on teams other than Pande Lab! That said we still have other teams hot on our heels hoping to tear away our #29 team position and knock us farther down the team rankings. However, if we can manage to continue increasing our production like we have there is still a chance to stay ahead.

    If you would like to join the fight for Rage3D and Science, check out the links below!

    Quick-Start Links:

    If you can't find the answer you're looking for in the above links, then be sure to ask around Rage3D's Distributed Computing Sub-Forum. Happy Folding!

    the massive increase/decrease in work units is a direct result of improperly implemented gpu clients. there were tens of thousands of zero point work units turned in during the last few months, but that has been resolved.