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Team Rage3D Update: Week of Jan 19

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    Team Rage3D Update: Week of Jan 19

    I considered writing a full Weekly Update but then I realized most of you would be more interested in this development instead anyway:

    On Friday the 19th we finally cracked the 1 billion mark. Thank you to everyone who helped us get here! Since I couldn't be content with just a picture and a few words, here some rough numbers to give you an idea of where we've been and the path that lies ahead:
    • In the approximately 11 years and a few days that Team Rage3d has existed we have averaged about 250,000 points per day.
    • At our current points per day of 1.2 million, it will take us about 2.3 years to add another billion points to our total.
    • At the moment Team Rage3D is ranked at #29; at our current rate of 1.2PPD it would take us about 25 years to reach the 12 billion points that the #1 team, folding@evga, is at right now.

    Stop by the Distributed Computing Sub-Forum to talk about this and other Folding@home related topics. Fold On!

    I contributed nothing


      I contributed 2.8% of that billion, i.e. almost nothing