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AMD Catalyst 11.3 Drops Support For Old X.Org

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    AMD Catalyst 11.3 Drops Support For Old X.Org

    For anyone still using X.Org 6.8, support for the very old monolithic X has been dropped.

    With the month ending, Linux users were beginning to wonder where is this month's proprietary driver update, but AMD's web team has just uploaded the Catalyst 11.3 binary Linux driver. What's changed though in this month's update? Read on to find out.

    While the Catalyst 11.3 file is available for download, release notes have not yet been published, but they're usually lacking anyways as far as detailed changes go. However, I have the scoop for you what's to be found in this Catalyst 11.3 / fglrx 8.83 driver update. This isn't a particularly exciting feature release (you'll have to wait for that), but there are some prominent changes worth noting.

    (please visit the source link for more information)...

    Source: Phoronix