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Folding@home: Team Rage3D Weekly Update (Mar. 20 - 26)

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    Folding@home: Team Rage3D Weekly Update (Mar. 20 - 26)

    Hey! It's time to Fold!

    This news item is part of weekly set of updates to raise awareness encourage participation in Rage3D's Folding@home team. Folding@home is a project by Stanford to use your computer to simulate how proteins form, fold, and mis-fold in the body. These simulations shed light and helps cure diseases that include cancer, Alzheimer's, Mad Cow (BSE), CJD, ALS, Huntington's, and Parkinson's.

    With that out of the way, let's see how we did last week!

    Last week Team Rage3D:
    • Completed 5,279 Work Units (WUs) which is down 0.51% from last week,
    • Produced a total of 4,865,992 Points which is down 2.44% from last week, and
    • Averaged 695,141.71 Points Per Day (PPD) which is down 2.44% from last week.

    Out of a total of 4,030 users, an average of 108.9 users contributed work to the team. This calculates out to an average of 6383.30 PPD per user, which is down slightly from last week. Team Rage 3D also held onto its position at 21 for total number of team points.

    Let's see who's on our radar:

    As you can see we have a new threat on the horizon in the form of Ars Technica. Even though they only have a 106,000 PPD edge over us, they are close enough to us in total points that they can easily pass us in less than a month. While it may be difficult to stay ahead of teams that have 1,000,000+ production edges over us without drastically increasing our user base, it is certainly possible to bring our total production up enough with just the user we have now.

    Even if you personally can't increase your production, you can still help by spreading the word. This could mean telling a friend about Folding@home and sending them here or be as simple as a link in your forum signature. Regardless, this is definitely a goal we can make if we try.

    Here are all the links to get you started:

    Remember: it only takes a few minutes to set most clients up and you can always drop by Rage3D's Distributed Computing sub-forum to ask questions, solve problems, or brag about your production. See you there!