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Firefox 4 Finally Finished and Freed

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    Firefox 4 Finally Finished and Freed

    The developers at Mozilla have released the final version of Firefox 4 after over eight months in beta.

    The new version boasts a streamlined user interface and support for various HTML5 features. Other new features include Panorama, a new way to manage multiple tabs; app tabs, smaller persistent tabs for frequently used web applications; Sync, a web-based bookmarks (and more) synchronisation service; and, an integrated web developer console.

    Under the hood, Firefox 4 includes JaegerMonkey, a faster JavaScript engine; hardware accelerated rendering and a new Add-on SDK which allows for updates without restarting the browser. There are also privacy protection features such as the "Do Not Track" header which is sent to web sites to request that the site does not track the user's activity; this has yet to be implemented by any sites but is part of various proposals to the US authorities to address privacy issues.

    For more about Firefox 4, see our feature article "What's new in Firefox 4". Firefox 4 is available to download in over 80 languages and for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

    Source: The H