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Report says Dell might seek to acquire AMD

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    Report says Dell might seek to acquire AMD

    Dell might want to buy AMD.

    The departure of CEO Dirk Meyer and two high-profile executives has left us wondering about AMD's direction going forward. A report by provides a possible explanation: the chipmaker is gearing up for an acquisition.

    (please visit the source link for much more detailed information)...

    Source: TechReport

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    This doesn't make much sense. As TR notes, the original Bloomberg report stated an acquisition was 'far-fetched' and somehow this became 'Dell Buying AMD!' via X-BitLabs... not to mention, Dell sold their manufacturing plants in 2008 to become a services company, and AMD are a design company.

    I think the rumor of Dell buying AMD comes from both being in Texas.


      I highly doubt Dell could even afford to puchase a company such as AMD. Dell has fallen from grace over the past 6 years, earnings are down, company has dropped from the top 4 in OEM sales. I just don't see this happening.
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        We bein Trolled.


          to me it sounds like someone making up a story to manipulate stock market prices


            Dude your getting DELL-ed

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