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Four-way Web Browser Deathmatch: HTML 5 GPU Acceleration

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    Four-way Web Browser Deathmatch: HTML 5 GPU Acceleration

    Watch in mild apathy amazement as four (well, three) HTML 5 GPU-acceleration-enabled browsers (IE9, Firefox 3.7a6, Chrome, Opera [unknown version and acceleration status]) are put to the test rendering lots of fishies.


    Ohhhh, ahhhh, weeee!!!

    See the full article at DownloadSquad.
    Last edited by Android1; Jun 28, 2010, 10:06 AM.

    Great video! I am glad to see that Firefox is keeping up with IE9.

    I have actually been thinking about switching back to Firefox from Opera. The latter has a few annoying issues that are starting to sour the experience for me, and the former is gaining more functionality that I find useful.