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Intel Intros 32nm CULV CPUs for Ultraportable Notebooks

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    Intel Intros 32nm CULV CPUs for Ultraportable Notebooks

    Intel has taken the wraps off a new family of Consumer Ultra-Low Voltage processors based on its Nehalem microarchitecture.

    The CPUs are targeted at 10-13" thin-and-light notebooks, and according to Intel VP Mooly Eden, we can expect systems to become available early next month. Mooly wouldn't pin down a specific price range, indicating only that notebooks based on the CPUs would be in the "consumer" space. With multiple models ranging from budget Celeron and Pentium offerings and extending up to Core i3, i5, and i7 variants, the new CULV line should cover a wide swath of the market.

    This new CULV family is fabricated using the same 32-nm process as Intel's desktop flagship, the Core i7-980X Extreme. No six-core madness here; the new CULV chips are all dual-core designs. The power-efficient 32-nm process does deliver substantial power savings, though. Standard Core i3, i5, and i7 mobile CPUs carry TDP ratings of 35-45W, while the new CULVs have a TDP of just 18W, which matches that of Intel's existing Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) mobile CPUs

    Source: The Tech Report