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Choiix PowerFort 10Whrs Rechargeable Power Backup Battery Pack

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    Choiix PowerFort 10Whrs Rechargeable Power Backup Battery Pack

    Cooler Master introduces the Choiix PowerFort 10Whrs Rechargeable Power Backup Battery Pack:

    Choiix PowerFort 10Whrs Rechargeable Power Backup Battery Pack
    Power backup for your iPad, iPod and iPhone

    The perfect device for the road warrior!
    Your game console goes dead right as you are about to level up. Your power is too low on your cell phone to make an important call to a customer. You are being led to your destination when your GPS device suddenly turns off. You never have to worry about loss of power on your portable devices again with the Cooler Master Group, Choiix Power Fort. The perfect device for the road warrior!

    Fills the need for convenience charging of multiple mobile devices
    Nowadays, people have multiple mobile devices such as, MP3 players, smartphones, and handheld game consoles. Reliance on these devices to get your work done, stay connected, and be entertained is greater than ever. The Choiix Power Fort fills the need for emergency and convenience charging and ensures that you never again have to worry about your device failing at a critical moment. The Power Fort is a portable battery backup that is compatible with most mobile devices with a micro or mini USB port. It is perfect for people on the go as you can leave your bulky adapters and cables at home. Additionally, the Power Fort also comes equipped with an integrated flashlight on the bottom of the device.

    Charge faster than most conventional chargers, and compatible with IPad.
    End users have several options; but the best option for both price and portability is the Choiix Power Fort 10 Whrs. It can recharge a GPS/PDA 1.5 times, a portable console game device 2 times, an mp3/mp4 player 4 times, and a smart phone 2.5 – 3 times. The maximum output of Choiix Power Fort is 1.5A. And for some devices, charged by Power Fort is faster than the conventional chargers which are normal 0.5A. It is also compatible with the IPad.

    With our advanced version Choiix Power Fort, a universal AC USB adapter and an automobile adapter are included for convenient charging. The Power Fort has a sleek, sexy and modern design and is small and light enough to carry everywhere you go. You don’t need to worry about finding an AC plug or turn on your PC to charge your mobile device anymore! The Choiix Power Fort is the best choice for your portable battery charging needs.

    Choiix profile:
    Choiix provides simple and practical, yet stylish notebook accessories for the latest notebook specifications. Our designs incorporate superb usability with a touch of unique and friendly character. Choiix products facilitate a stylish, convenient and safe way to transport your notebook computer as well as facilitate comfortable usage.

    Source: Cooler Master Press Release