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Workarounds for Radeon HD 5000 Series Vertical Stripes Issue

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    Workarounds for Radeon HD 5000 Series Vertical Stripes Issue

    NGOHQ reports.

    AMD's latest ATI Radeon HD 5000 series is indeed selling like hotcakes. Only three weeks ago, AMD had announced that it had shipped two million DirectX 11 GPUs. However as history has taught us, new products sometimes mean new issues. Since the official launch of the HD 5000 series, there have been many lockup reports on several forums. This lockup happens mostly during 3D mode and is accompanied by vertical stripes appearing on the screen (But sometimes it appears as a black screen) and looping sound. So far, we haven't found any information on AMD's website, but luckily one of our systems was affected and it allowed us to investigate this issue.

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      This is why Ive had to return 3 seperate 5770s from 3 seperate manufacturers from 3 seperate retailers.

      Now I am waiting for Fermi.

      Who the hell is running QA at ATi and its vendors?


        Huh? Weird. Have 2 of those in my box and works ok. Interesting though. You are gonna have to wait quite some time yet for fermi if you want to spend <200€.


          I can confirm having this issue. It has happened once in 3d but mostly whilst watching embedded flash content from a web browser. Is it worth an RMA?


            I'd swap the card if it was broken... its annoying to do it though, that I agree.