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nVidia to Miss Out on Holiday Sales

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    nVidia to Miss Out on Holiday Sales

    Good news for AMD/ATI if their product is actually in supply and cheaper than the out-of-stock GeForce 8800 GT. 40,000 Units have been shipped by nVidia since Early November vs 250,000 orders fulfilled by AMD/ATI to ship later this week, with another 150,000 shipping before year's end.

    Culver City (CA) - On October 29th Nvidia introduced its GeForce 8800GT targeting the mid-range enthusiast segment. Demand has been high and within days the shelves of retailers were emptied of the cards. Two weeks later we are still in the same situation. Although a new shipment hit the stores last night, this supply appears to be limited. After our initial probe into the premium on the new product we unearthed more information regarding supplies.

    Source: TG Daily
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    Wow a 8800 GT PE!
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      I have a 8800GT coming...

      I am shamed...

      My laptop has a Quadro in it... :|

      Wierd AMD buys out ATI, and suddenly just like AMD, there is nothing I want to buy.

      I still have fond memories of my Pentium M 730 box, X800XTPE, laying the beat down on FX-55's and 6800Ultra's.
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        IDK about this man, people are just hungry for the GT. They don't stay on e-shelves for more than 30 minutes.

        I only wish the GT had that DHES cooler and nice Samsung memory.
        yan yan > snu snu