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Leopard and Vista Not So Different....

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    Leopard and Vista Not So Different....

    While some of us have had flawless experiences with both operating systems, it seems that neither can claim superiority over the other. Both of Apple's biggest claims to fame, security and stability, have been called into question all over the net with the launch of Leopard. One bug after another doesn't indicate a broken OS, though. We Vista users have watched our OS go through it's fair share of growing pains and had to deal with a lot of grief over it. Now it's Leopard's turn to wear the term "beta".

    When Vista was released the chorus of complaints and criticisms quickly grew from a low hum to a near deafening roar. A little more than a week since Apple released Leopard and that low hum of discontent has already been amplified to the point where it’s starting to hurt my ears.


    Additional topics we have on our forums about some these bugs can be found below.

    Leopard not as secure as you think
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    People finding Leopard has fleas
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    If you feel like I'm hurting your wittle feelings too much, refer me to this thread : A new nicer moshpit???
    "Go screw yourself Apple."

    Sorry about the delay, moshpit. I forgot all about this.


      That's fine. I just didn't want it getting bypassed because it's negative of Leopard. I've been trying to make a point that this article REALLY brings home. Alot of folks have been WAY over harsh on Vista. It's time people recognize this is all NORMAL for any new OS launch from here on out. Innovation costs bugs. The more you innovate, the more bugs need squashing.
      If you feel like I'm hurting your wittle feelings too much, refer me to this thread : A new nicer moshpit???
      "Go screw yourself Apple."


        At least Leopard is something really new, not like Vista that’s mainly a face lift. If Vista was the OS it was suppose to be then yes I could understand all the early problems but its not. And with MS saying they want to release a new OS every three years then why bother with Vista at all. It will take about 3 years before Vista is worth while anyway.


          Just because Vista doesn't slap you in the face with the changes to the kernel doesn't mean there is nothing new and that it's just a facelift.

          The platform is overall more secure with avenues of system compromise reduced.

          The entire graphics handling layer has been redone. Something far more drastic that any IHV has ever had to do with a graphics change since Win95 replaced Win3.11. Actually the changes to how graphics are handled in Windows is far more ambitious and overarching then the change made from Win 3.11 to Win95.

          And that's just ONE change that was made to the kernel and various API layers. However, I bring it up as it's the one that has the most bearing on me. Being that I use multiple monitors. Something that works absolutely HORRIBLY on XP.

          Is it perfect, not by a long shot, but then there is no OS that's perfect. Although I suppose it's easier to just make up stuff and demonize the evil big corporation.