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    So it's a great thing that they work now. Funnily enough though, if you're in HTTPS mode, the links all downgrade the connection to HTTP.

    Triggers my Firefox's HTTPS only warnings.

    Figured I should point this out in case someone hadn't realised.
    Originally posted by Koenig39
    Okeh zhentlemain, we well commonce spe-cial operashun "Surraindair" at four-dirty. We well sneek pass dair defances wid our whayt flags held hagh!
    Originally posted by Pr()ZaC
    Spyre, I told you before! I won't let you have mensechs with metroidfox nor give you the secret address to the admins p0rn server! :drool:
    Originally posted by Villainess
    :lol: @ sig ............ now get me OUTTA THERE!! :mad: