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WinKDFold2.2hFTP - F@H 1,2 & G@H & Distributed Folding

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    WinKDFold2.2hFTP - F@H 1,2 & G@H & Distributed Folding

    Hi All,
    Thank you to everyone who uses KDFold I really appreciate all of the great notes and
    emails I receive. You Guys and Gals are Awesome....

    Changes This time around-
    1.Integrated FTP services and added visual notification onto the Main Form.
    2.Changed to new FTP Source code it should work for everyone now.
    3.The Win2K shutdown issue was related to the FTP Component. KDFold allows Windows 2000 to Shut down now (Only Certain Machines have this problem).
    4.Widened the FTP paths.
    6.The DF Issues have been corrected with the client and monitoring programs.(Not just KDFold)
    5.Allows you to change the DF client count because the count keeps changing.
    It defaults to 5000 but can be changed in client settings


    KDFoldFTP Screen-

    Windows Version Only Download here-

    Everytime I think I am going to be able to work on the linux one something else pops up
    Thank you for sending me examples of how you are using the HTML stats features.
    I will start building a page of links with these examples. If you have emailed me a link
    to your KDFold support Site(Who would have thought) or Stats site please let me know If
    I can add this to the list of links.

    Please check your links I am going to start purging older KDFold revisions off of the

    Many thanks to MstrBlstr, Spectre and Den.