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i got yo back!

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    i got yo back!

    just wanted to let u guys know that i got yo backs....i've been on the team since a week and a half ago...

    i personally got 3x1.2GHz tbirds and 1xXP 1800+ pulling for rage...

    btw, i'll be absent for spring break...sorry guys, can't keep computers on when i'm not at the dorms.

    that is all. FOLD FOLD FOLD
    Folding@Home -- personal goal: 35k po!nts...for now.

    Join Rage3D's team! [team number: 64]
    If you like eating beef and are afraid of getting Mad Cow Disease, then you should join Rage3D's F@H team and help to find a cure faster! :)
    Thanks for those of YOU who'd joined; YOU are making a difference!

    :: direction.diligence.discipline.

    That's a fair amount of horsepower there. Thanks for your support.
    I'm so sane, it's driving me crazy.
    -Barenaked Ladies - "Falling For the First Time"

    My computer's saving lives. What's yours doing?
    Folding@Home (Team Rage3D)


      rock on dude, when you get back you'll be climbing up the ladder quick
      —· ···— ·· —·· ·· ·— ·——· ·—— —· ——··
      [13:45:19] <Mulciber> PEACE TO ALAH! *explodes in crowd of children*
      [13:45:47] <Hanners> lol
      [13:45:52] <Robotzombie> clockwork knows all about exploding onto a crowd of children


        Good to have another Rage3D Folder! Welcome aboard.