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Faulty work unit...

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    Faulty work unit...

    I been getting alot of
    Received faulty work unit. Notifying server

    It does about 20-30 packets and then dies...
    usually happens when between the 25-30 packet it freezes or something (usually the time between each packet is the same but after a while, the packets goes over this time alot!)...
    and only shows up if I stop it folding and start it again...

    Not sure if it is me or not. I do do some developer work using MS Dev Studio, but I assume it shouldnt affect it that much. Does these count or have I been using up time doing something thats not going to work?

    Have you noticed if it quits while folding the same kind of protein, or any kind of protein? If it is a specific protein, which one does it quit at?

    Also, what version of folding@home are you using?
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      I'll answer the easy question first

      Im using version 2.19 client console version in Win2k.

      As for whether it is the same kind of protein, I assume not because it is one after another. Doesnt seem my profile is updating either.


        Try deleting the queue.dat file and the work folder. When you restart FAH2, it should go get something else to do.


          might be

          a corrupt wu or core, try deleting the work folder, queue.dat, core_65 and FAHlog..then restart the v2.19.exe..

          if your client.cfg is good then stripping the guts should work

          good luck!


            Chrominium are you overclocked? If so try clocking down a few Mhz. I was getting lots of faulty WU's when i had my XP at 1.6GHz so i knocked the FSB down by 3 MHz and everything is sweet now.
            I think it was due to the fact that 256MB of my memory is crappy generic stuff(the other is crucial).
            Hope this is of some help.
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