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SLOOOW rendering under WIN 98 SE...

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    SLOOOW rendering under WIN 98 SE...

    Help me out on this one...

    I just upgraded to client 2.19 of Folding@Home on both of my OS. Under Win XP evrerything seems to work better and faster, but under Win98 SE things have gone really ugly!! It takes about 20 seconds to render a single frame of the folding process whereas it took 3 or less seconds before when I used version 2.15.

    I'm using Omega's driver for my Radeon 64 ViVo DDR and I haven't had any problems before (thinking of some OpenGL related issue). Any ideas???

    Thanks in advance!!
    Athlon-B 1.2 GHz running at 1200@266
    256MB PC-133 RAM, ASUS A7V133 1010 BIOS
    2 Seagate 15.3 GB ATA/100 7200 rpm HDD on RAID 0
    Win 98 SE/Win XP Pro dual boot
    DirectX 9.0 and VIA's 4-in-1 drivers v. 4.45 (both)
    LG 16/10/40x CD-RW drive, 16/48x Liteon DVD drive
    ATi RADEON 9100 128 MB DDR 272/258
    SoundBlaster Live! Value (not 5.1)

    If you're talking about the graphical display, I don't think it means anything. The rendering of the little balls doesn't seem to have anything to do with folding since it does it while downloading or uploading as well as when actually crunching the numbers.