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    New to folding

    I just DL'd and installed. I have it running and it shows its using 100% cpu is this right? I did set it up to go towards team rage3d and used my forum name. U used the graphical client and it didnt set as my screensaver to the best of my knowledge. Are you supposed to reboot after installation? Anyways im trying to do my part for the team now =)

    Well its about freakin' time!

    j/k man, welcome to Team Rage3D compunoob! w00t!

    Yes, the GUI version is the most common initial setup. Pretty much just install & run. Here are the quick steps:
    1. Enter username (compunoob)
    2. Enter team number (64)
    3. Check the "Allow receipt of work ... greater than 5mb" if you have >512Mb of system memory (recommend 1Gb).

    There are additional fine-tuning steps you can do to tweak the client, and you'll eventually want to consider moving to the Console Client. But the GUI client is the perfect way to test out Folding@Home in a relatively painless way.

    As to your question: yes, by default Folding utilizes 100% of your CPU. However, it also runs in an idle state, so virtually ANY other system process will pause the client, freeing up the CPU for other tasks instantaneously. And, if necessary, you can easily manually pause or stop the client using the taskbar icon.

    Again, welcome to the Team. Looking forward to seeing more of you here in the DC forum!


      welcome compufoldingnoob!! thanks for joining the team


        OK checked the "Allow receipt box" Thanks for the welcome =) It runs my cpu at about gaming temps is that ok for extended periods as I leave my pc on 24/7?


          Depends on your gaming temps. Should be OK as long as your temps are fine. I'm at 42-43*C on my processor with both cores at 100% and I'm overclocked. You should be ok.
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