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All Folders! Please Check In!!!

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    All Folders! Please Check In!!!

    If you Fold for Team Rage3D, please check in here in this thread by posting a response. If you know anyone else who Folds, but does not post here in the DC Forum, please contact them via PM or some other method and ask them to come check in as well. Subteam leaders, please contact everyone within your team. When you post, please give us a quick summary of who you are, and why you've chosen Team Rage3D Folding. What is your vision of Rage3D one year from now? What would you like to see? How will YOU help us reach that goal?

    At this time, we have some important Team ventures being implemented up that ALL team members need to be aware of and, hopefully, participate in. We don't want any Team members left out because they're out of the loop! Examples? Well, the FOTY contest is an example of things to come. We'll be reimplementing regular Team contests that require a minimum level of participation in order to qualify. The prizes will vary, but let me just say that you will NOT want to miss out.

    Every Team member's input is invaluable as we move forward here. I understand how valuable your time is, and appreciate your contribution to the team, both in Folding power and in board participation. YOU are Team Rage3D.

    EDIT: We'd also like to know if you're interested in the leadership aspects of Team Rage3D. As the Team grows and new projects are implemented, we're going to need help to keep things organized. Examples would include Subteam leadership as it continues to evolve, merchandising (t-shirts, mugs, case badges, etc), welcoming committees, research & development, news posters, etc etc etc.
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    VW_Factor reporting in.

    I fold here, because I basically live here. My name is Dave Bandy and I live in Salem Oregon. Drive an aircooled VW, and work too much. I'd like to see Rage3D get more single folders recruited. (Like MaxPC mag did ) I really think that is what will keep us moving foward. Not a few Power Folders, but more little guys. YOU can make a difference!!

    I would just like to continue bringing some folding power to Rage3D, and helping us stay on top of things. (The company I work for has a folding team, and they are a joke).

    I always have spare parts lying around that Im pretty willing to give away to help with out folding cause.
    Originally posted by Redeemed
    Granted, this is coming from the fella' who's had over 1,000lbs of bucking muscle under neath him.
    Originally posted by John Smith
    "Fail" = verb "Failure" = noun


      BoliedCabbage here!

      I started folding for Rage3d after DrFish(?) issued the DoodyHead challenge because I thought it would be fun to go around calling them DoodyHeads after Rage3D passes TeamEggRoll.

      Like VW Factor I too would like to continue to bring more folding power but for now this is all I have. I don't have access to company computers because I'm currently still studying and I work part time at warehouse, I have a whole bunch of forklifts to drive around but no computers around.

      I don't post much here but I do lurk.


        SIR yes SIR!

        Reporting in SIR!!!

        My name is Chris. I live just outside of Salem, Or
        I am a computer Tech for a crapy company.
        I got hooked into this forum and folding by none other than VW_Factor!
        I only currently have a couple computers running folding. I am going through all my parts to see how many others I can set up. Glad to be a part of the folding comunity and this forum!
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          I'm P1x44r and i'm folding only because I'm secretly in love with Lupine. Anything for him!
          Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving in a pretty, pristine body but rather to come sliding in sideways, all used up and exclaiming, "Wow, what a ride!"


            Checking in. I am Gator. I live in NY. I hate my job but I like red wine. I am a Super Moderator at Rage3d. I fold to help cure diseases. I fold for team Rage3d because I spend many hours per day here. I would like to see less annoying love advice posts, less P&R posts, and less advertising spam. I help Rage3d by performing my Super Moderator duties, assisting others with technical advice, and running Folding on my home and work computers. I have have no interest in leadership responsibilities with the Rage3d Folding team at this time. I may be interested in purchasing Rage3d merchandise, but I have no interest in handling merchandise sales. I like Mac and Cheese.


              Originally posted by Gator
              I would like to see less annoying love advice posts, less P&R posts, and less advertising spam.

              Fortunately none are an issue here in the DC forum (knock on wood).


                Hi, my name is Luxor and I'm addicted to folding.

                I'm an electrical engineering student but I also have a degree in biochemistry and that's probably what got interested in the project when I joined 2 years ago (with the fact that I was getting an avatar ). I've joined team 64 because Rage3d is the only forum where I participate. My production is limited simply because I don't have more resources at the moment.

                As for the future of our team, it depends to what our goal is. Do we want to challenge the top 3 teams? In that case, we have to triple our number of active folders. We can't always count on How? to drag us. I know it won't be easy, I still haven't been able to convice anyone to fold and it's not because I didn't try. They simply don't care or don't believe this project could make a difference. But I still haven't given up. And nice prices would surely be a good argument (any reason to fold is good, right?)


                  My name is not XSBagage. I'm a student, studying civil engineer in computer sciences. I fold for R3D because at some point someone told me about folding and R3D needed my help (Alliance Francophone overtaking us, iirc). R3D is my second home so of course I went ahead and gave it a try, the goal was nice and all but it was the competition that made me continue. (There are moments that I think of landing myself a job at a big firm and having howlike power ) Where I see R3D in a years? I don't know I think we've got a shot of not becoming doodyheads but once HOW stops (pray the day never comes!) we'll have to poump up teh shet big time to stay in front of TTR. We definately should be able to take 2CPU and the eggheads. Ultimately I'd like to see R3D regain 4th place (where we were when I joined) How will I help well I am planning on upgrading somewhere this summer, also summertime -> my production is up (which my competitors must have noticed ) Also in a week or so I'll be going on a short trip with my sis and her friends, now one of them is studying the same as me so I think I might interest him in the project.
                  I would be interested in helping out with setting up the CPU charts. I don't have much time in the coming weeks (well between 1 and 3 July I'm free) but after 7 July I can make time as I've got nothing to do besides studying, so I'm in control of what I do or don't and when I do them.


                    Red two standing by....
                    Stop defending your mediocrity.

                    "...mediocrity is what's rampant. Excellence is rare." -Don Cheadle

                    Originally posted by guest
                    My spouse is in child support enforcement so I'll always be happily married. :)


                      Hay guys, whats going on in the

                      Yeah...started folding after one of the Techreport commandos burnt my village down and kidnapped my mother as I watched in horror. I seek to quench my revenge my hunting down each and every commando/ninja and force feeding them boiled gerbils

                      Umm my vision for the team is to break the 300K PPD barrier, hopefully by preaching to uninterested fans on other websites. Also being a cheap assed student in Canada where $1= $0.02 US, my aim is to try and ambush more of my university comrades into folding. Ii will gallantly join the rage3d clans and play with fellow folders till then....even faking bad performance and making them think they actually kicked my asses in CSS.

                      EDIT: Max PC just beat us in PPD, look at their friggin new members!
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                        My name is not Fat Jez, it's Stephen, or Steve depending on whether I am back home in Scotland or here in Bristol. I'm a Senior Support Engineer for Orange, where I spend half my time doing basic Unix sysadmin and half of it being a telecoms engineer.

                        I joined Rage 3D because I went with a Radeon graphics card over nVidia when I built my first rig and needed help and advice. I started out doing [email protected] until I realised that it would be better to spend my time working toward a distributed computing project that would benefit people. Since Rage was the only forum I was a member of that had a Folding team, I signed up here. I have two systems folding for Rage - my main rig in my sig below and my 1.6GHz laptop at work. My other rig folds for Kustom PC's, a small PC shop in Scotland who run some friendly forums.

                        <---- Main rig
                        Laptop: Macbook Pro 2011 2.3GHz i7, 4GB RAM, 240GB SSD, 15.4" Anti-Glare Display


                          ShaidarHaran, checking in.

                          I fold for TR3D because Lupine said he'd give me manches if I did I'm still waiting on that manches, btw. Seriously though, I do it because R3D is the only PC forum I actively participate in and I'd rather fold for a proven winner than some upstart low-production team Like many of you, I'm sure, I started distributed computing w/SETI @ Home a few years ago but I just got tired of it. Also I used to run [email protected] for a website, from which I was banned (no names shall be mentioned) so that kind of killed my enthusiasm... I thought [email protected] would be a bit more useful than looking for aliens

                          I intend to help TR3D by continuing to assimilate systems. My farm currently sits at 19 boxen and I get anywhere from 2-5 new systems each month on which I fold (only been assimilating for a couple months now). The more computers I sell at work, the more boxen folding for me and TR3D.
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                          Praise be to the God and father of our lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.


                            Originally posted by Uber_Tiny
                            SIR yes SIR!

                            Reporting in SIR!!!

                            My name is Chris. I live just outside of Salem, Or
                            I am a computer Tech for a crapy company.
                            I got hooked into this forum and folding by none other than VW_Factor!
                            I only currently have a couple computers running folding. I am going through all my parts to see how many others I can set up. Glad to be a part of the folding comunity and this forum!
                            Looks like we have several members from the Salem area. I'm thinking about selling my place pretty soon; will be checking out the LaPine/Bend area in Aug.....


                              _-F10-_ <master_paradigm> reporting for duty sir Folding as Malfador.

                              Names Kelly Zietz and I live in Salem currently. Originally hail from about 30 miles west of portland outside a little town called Banks. Currently I'm workin for a crappy company as well ...but going to Willamette U as a vocal performance major.

                              Don't have more than a system or 2 for folding and power bill is a concern for me but I fold when I can. As for rage and why I fold for tr3d, I like the people, I like the forums and the atmosphere of the site. Very helpful. As far as improvements or what not, I like the idea of a tr3d clan. Not just for cs:s but perhaps for COD as well?> Vw, ubertiny, alt and I have parts for another server and I think I have the bandwidth so I might consider that. or perhaps a skype/team speak server? ideas?

                              anywho, yeah just my 2cp

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                              {Mild manored accountant by day, grizzly hippie by night}

                              [3500+ Venice sk 939 @ 2.5ghz /W Zalman 120mm Copper ]
                              [DFI Lanparty UT NF4 Ultra-D ]
                              [1gig matched Mushkin Black]
                              [2X 36gig Raptors/RAID 0 + 2X WD 80gb]
                              [Sapphire X850XT]
                              [Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS]

                              Originally Posted by Vandelay
                              Sometimes if porn ain't downloading fast enough, I just run Mafia, get some hand lotion, and have a great time.
                              Originally Posted by |FRITZ|Dude uber your ****ing huge. Just walk up to the twat and pump your fist..that'll do it. :bleh:


                                Originally posted by jima13
                                Looks like we have several members from the Salem area. I'm thinking about selling my place pretty soon; will be checking out the LaPine/Bend area in Aug.....
                                mmm ... Bend ... mmm

                                We've been going down to Sunriver a couple times a year ever since I was a little kid. Awesome mountain biking, decent waterskiing, and Smith Rocks is nearby so the rockclimbing is top-notch too. I the Northwest!!!


                                  I just started folding and haven't even turned in my first WU yet...I started folding because, well i got sick of VW always me about folding. At that time i needed my system for less worthy things, but thats over and now folding.

                                  I also live in Salem and currently trying to convince VW_Factor, Uber_Tiny and Master_Paradigm to start a computer consulting business with me....

                                  yeah, i know i am

                                  Looking forward to becoming an addict as so many others have become....

                                  GO Team64!!
                                  "I hope you have a big trunk, cause i am gonna put my bike in it!"
                                  AMD 3500+ S939 // MSI RS480M2-IL // Gigabyte X850XT PCI-e (575/585) // 2xWD 10k 36gb Raptor HDD // 2gig Corsair PC3200 RAM // Lite-On 16X16 DVD-RW // Lite-On CD-RW // ThermalTake Shark case // SB Audigy // Logitech MX1000 // Logitech z-560 400w THX speakers // 3DMark05:6329


                                    snookums reporting in as ordered.

                                    I'm a webdeveloper by trade, but have a passion for hardware. I chose Team Rage3D because i post here most often... and now because I don't want to be a doody head!

                                    What is your vision of Rage3D one year from now? What would you like to see? How will YOU help us reach that goal?

                                    in a year, i'd like to be rung #6
                                    i'd also hope to see a ad-free version of the site (with a paid donation i'd be happy to offer up). how can i help? im a webdeveloper by trade, and have offered help a few times in the past, but seems to fall on deaf ears... im still willing, but dont see how i can. that and i do most of my stuff in ASP/ASP.NET, but i do know MySQL like the back of my hand
                                    I don't always lie, but when I do, I always tell the truth.
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                                      N00blet folder Zenitram checkin in! Software Engineering Technology Major of Oregon Institute of Technology, a school that has over 400+ computers that are never used (possible folding targets next year). Just finished my third year and am open to helping anybody with software design and programming Qs. I worked with Alt-F4 and Paradigm last summer and winter before that and summer before that. VW I dont know as well but already can tell that he will be alright in my book. My recent venture, if you have seen some of my posts you can already tell, is Unix systems. I got to know Unix this past year and I like it. I miss the old console days that Windows threw out.

                                      I will have specs on all my folding machines soon. Right now im networking and cleaning and doing construction on the house.


                                        Alex here aka Greasy, Software developer who loves everything about computers.

                                        Used to fold for, but since I enjoy this forumn so much I figured I should send some love this way.


                                          Confusedsoul awaiting deployment!

                                          My name is Brad (23), I live in South Dakota with my g/f Lisa (24) and my daughter (you all know her name and for those that don't, its Josalyn (1). I'd say where, but there are too many shady characters in this forum who like teh manches . I work for the State of South Dakota in the Dept. of Transportation. Its not my favorite, but the pay is decent, and it gets us by!

                                          I started folding not too long ago and am very excited about the benefits it has to off not only myself, but my loved ones as well. I started with Rage3D for the reasons listed below:

                                          1) I own (still) a Radeon 9500 Pro and found lots of help, tips, and even a new O/Cable BIOS for it (thanks warp11!!!!!) here.

                                          2) I like many others, live here. I have no loyalty to any forum except for this one.

                                          3) The enthusiasm and comradity (spelling?) which this team holds for its members, the folding community, and its cause!

                                          In the near future I (would like to) see us (not being DoodyHeads) at #2 in the overall rankings. Even if it doesn't happen, which it will , it would be nice to see the number of people joining all of us on this team in this fight against disease! It sounds as though we are on the right track and this news sounds exciting, I can't wait! I'm always up for a challenge and will do whatever I need to (except go broke ) to help this team!

                                          Ebay Feedback: Here
                                          Heatware: Here


                                            Of Course I do.
                                            Case badges you say.
                                            Warren Had a badge ready to go but not enough
                                            people said yes.
                                            I was one that said YES!!!!!
                                            Whatever happened to the printable add for
                                            Rage3d Team 64 that we could download print
                                            and post on any corkboard or telephone
                                            poll in the city that we can!!!!!!! I said Hell Ya.
                                            LETS DO THESE THINGS FOR REAL THIS TIME.
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                                            This is about supporting Rage3D. You might even save a family member, close friend or yourself.
                                            We can all make a difference one CPU at a time. It dosnt
                                            HAVE to be on all the time, though that does help alot. Rage3D [email protected] Forum
                                            If you Fold The Cure will Come!!!!!
                                            Fold On Forever!!
                                            Your Thoughts Will Define Your Destiny.
                                            Hidden variables are everywhere.
                                            BF3 KOz1


                                              Originally posted by jima13
                                              Looks like we have several members from the Salem area. I'm thinking about selling my place pretty soon; will be checking out the LaPine/Bend area in Aug.....
                                              That's scary man.
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                                              INTO STUPID.POLITICAL.ARGUMENT
                                              WHERE Title = "HOW TO OFFEND OTHERS AND START FIGHTS OVER STUPID SH*T";


                                                Originally posted by Rad2owns
                                                Of Course I do.
                                                Case badges you say.
                                                Warren Had a badge ready to go but not enough
                                                people said yes.
                                                I was one that said YES!!!!!
                                                Whatever happened to the printable add for
                                                Rage3d Team 64 that we could download print
                                                and post on any corkboard or telephone
                                                poll in the city that we can!!!!!!! I said Hell Ya.
                                                LETS DO THESE THINGS FOR REAL THIS TIME.
                                                What kind of numbers do we need to place an order for case badges? I thought the response was pretty damn good actually. Perhaps the response would be even better now!

                                                Not sure about hte printable ad. Link?

                                                And damn straight, we're doing it this time. But it needs to be a total team effort. We cannot afford to burn out a few dedicated members when so many have the ability to participate.


                                                  lek here

                                                  My name's Mat, I'm 24 and from the UK. I graduated in 2002 with a BSc in Computer Science, hoping to start my own PC call-out/repair business soon - hopefully I can convince clients to fold
                                                  I started folding mid 2002, I thought it was great that I could leave my machine on all day while at uni and let it be doing something useful and (hopefully) beneficial to people in the future; unfortunately I could never convince my two housemates to fold! I had a dry spell after uni, but have been back folding for some time now.

                                                  I originally joined Rage3D as I was a big fanATIc even though I don't really post here much (lurker++). I think we were at rank 3 in the world when I joined; I'd like to see us get there again!
                                                  My current short-term goal is to try and keep ahead of absolutefunk, who's been keeping pace and overtaking me recently I also need to add more rig's - if I had the cash to buy extra parts.

                                                  I'd like to help out any way I can with the team, I'm a reasonably good designer and have enough spare time to knock up logo's, etc. I'm also coding on a FAH related project at the moment, it's not Rage3D specific but might help out some folders.


                                                    Honsy reporting for duty, sir!

                                                    My name is James, I'm 23 and I'm from the Toronto area. I just started folding after we hit the 60 Million mark. I tried to fold earlier but the rig I had before this one crashed with it so I never bothered until now. I currently have 8 boxes up and folding, 4 P4 3.2GHZ HT machines, 2 2.8GHz machines and a couple of PIII's brining up the rear. I'm the pseudo-head of IT for a company and will try to get as many boxes as I can folding soon. I have lots of parts, just not enough locations to set them up at.

                                                    I'm looking forward to winning the rookie of the year for 2005
                                                    David Merideth Iles: August 5, 1953 - December 24, 2005 - Rest in peace Dad

                                                    Join Team Rage3D Folding and help make science happen.
                                                    Learn more


                                                      Aten-Hut! General curio reporting in!

                                                      My name is Troy Price, I'm 27 years old and I live in Denver, Colorado. I founded Team Rage3D back in 2001, after a stint of folding for DSLReports Team Helix in 2000. I am a vice-president of a steel subcontractor, where most of my time is spent estimating jobs and negotiating contracts. I also am a journeyman ironworker, where I worked as an ironworker for many years previously.

                                                      I once had about 50 computers folding under my name, but I switched careers and now only have under a dozen. My girlfriend and I plan on getting married in the next year, and we want to find a nice house together. When that happens, I plan on building a decent sized diskless folding farm. My current short term goal is to keep my production up until I build my folding farm, so that I don't get swallowed whole by the top 20 folders until then.

                                                      I originally joined Rage3D because I needed some help with my original Radeon 32DDR card.

                                                      I've slowly been stepping down from a leadership position for the team, mainly because I don't have the time that I used to. My business is really taking off right now, and many personal plans are in the works. I really believe that Lupine is the man for the job, but he will need help from dedicated members such as all of you.
                                                      Love take me down to the streets - Wings


                                                        Dodongo here!

                                                        I started folding for R3D about two years ago. I came here originally to get info/help on ATI cards. I learned about Folding and figured it was a good way to use my unused clock cycles.

                                                        I'd like to see the team add more members so that we aren't entirely reliant on How to be successful. Without How, our production really suffers.


                                                          Im here Im here....

                                                          name's Scott and im from Gatineau, Quebec, Canada(go Canada!) been folding for almost a year now..
                                                          Im in college, 3rd year Electronics(for a degree as a Electronic Technologist)

                                                          Im trying to recruit people to the team, but most people are "too busy" so it's just time to try harder.

                                                          Take care everyone, and fold fold fold!
                                                          Athlon 64 X2 4800(Brisbane), 2048 PC 6400 5-5-5-12(OCZ), 2x Diamond 1950 PRO, DFI CFX3200 M2/G, 500GB Seagate


                                                            Reporting in

                                                            Real name is David, live in Leicester, UK and I've been folding since January. Graduated last summer and currently working in a small printer consumables / PC repair shop. Fold with a trio of Opterons and a Celeron-D, yet still get out-produced by a single P4.

                                                            Don't post much now (no real reason to?), but check by here when I can for the latest news.

                                                            I'd like us to:
                                                            1) Organize something for the subteams (i've heard this is on the cards, so things are looking good here)
                                                            2) Find a way to wake up our dormant folders (those who have folded, but stopped)
                                                            3) Bring more of our team into the forums, the more the merrier, right?
                                                            4) Not be a doodyhead.
                                                            Folding for Rage3D![/SIZE]


                                                              Unit01 Ready

                                                              My name is Hanway, i live in Malmö sweden. I am 21 years old and am currently studying economics, am at year 2 of 4. Going to take a small break to study something different to see whether i've chosen the right way.

                                                              I originally joined Rage3D cause i had just gotten my Radeon 8500 card and had questions about it and this was the only forum i found that seemed to have the competence to help me.
                                                              I started folding for Rage3D because i wanted to help Rage3D and the cause. Well at the beginning it was mainly for the competition and Rage3D, but as time went on it's changed to a subtle balance between the competing spirit and the well being spirit.
                                                              I would consider helping assist a few projects if needed. But that would have to depend on the size of the project and the circumstances in my life at the time.
                                                              I still fold for Rage3D since it's the forum i visit the most with a wide range of areas on the board.
                                                              The members here are also quite nice and it motivates one to stay here
                                                              In the past i've recruited a few members but most of them has stopped now for various reasons, my former most strongest recruit has been over run by a friend of mine who is steadily helping Rage3D now

                                                              My current active recruits:

                                                              My current inactive recruits:

                                                              Not sure if i've forgotten anyone.
                                                              Wow this reminds me of the 0,8pt/wu days
                                                              Ah well, time to wake up the recruits one way or another. And to bring some new in.

                                                              Fold for Rage3D!!
                                                              Comp1: Athlon800 512MB PC133 SDRAM Seagate Barracuda 80GB ATI Radeon BBA 8500
                                                              Comp2: AMD Opteron 165 @ 2,0Ghz stock volt Asus A8N-32SLI Deluxe 2GB G.Skill PC4000
                                                              1x36GB Maxtor Atlas 15KII 1x147GB Maxtor Atlas 10KV xxxGB HD RAID Array(soon) ASUS EN7300GT Silent
                                                              Lapy1: HP NX9420 Core 2 Duo T5500 1x1024MB RAM 100GB HD X1600mobility


                                                                junglist1996 reporting for duty sir!

                                                                Real name is Kevin. Currently living in Hong Kong and working in a small corporate finance firm specialized in small-cap HK IPO's and financial advisory services for HK listed companies. Being in a company w/o in house IT, I have the privilege of installing [email protected] on the server and a couple of other PC's @ work. Due to my erratic work hours, getting wasted far too often, and returning to school for the AICPA (hopefully getting qualified by the end of 2006), I'm afraid that I'll not be able to make further contributions such as getting involved in the team's projects.

                                                                I originally joined R3D for overclocking tips on a 9600 Pro. Exactly 1 year ago (first WU submitted on 24 June 2004), I started folding for TR3D partly because I believe if I maintain my current lifestyle, misfolds within my own self will happen someday.

                                                                In the next couple of months, I'd like to see TTR become the Doodyheads. In a year's time, I'd like to see us maintaining 200,000PPD ex-How???. I don't think we can continue to rely on How??? for almost half of our PPD. Not sure if this has been suggested or implemented already. I was thinking maybe we can add a checkbox in the registration page of the forum so that newcomers can choose to receive an e-mail or something describing the whole folding thing.
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                                                                Would you like to help cure cancer with your uber rig? Join the fold at Team Rage 3D today!


                                                                  I haven't folded since 2003 but I've done a couple WUs in the last few days.

                                                                  I needed a reason to leave my linux box runnin
                                                                  i7 12700k/Geforce 2080TI - Fragsmith on PSN/XBOX/STEAM


                                                                    Hi, I'm Travis. I joined the forum to complain when ATi screwed up the TV-out on my Radeon 7500 by releasing the 3-series Catalysts. I kind of like the place so I've been lurking around here ever since.

                                                                    I'm folding 2 boxes (OC'd A64 (754) 3000+, stock AXP 2000+) for Team R3D for reasons beyond my comprehension. The front-page brainwashing campaign worked, I guess. Actually, this is the only site/forum I'm a regular of that has an active Folding team and recruiting campaign.

                                                                    Of course, with all of the moving I've been doing lately, a downgrade to my internet connection, and a recent vacation, my production was way down but it should be evening itself out now.

                                                                    I don't have any particular individual or team goals, just to use my idle processor cycles for something other than heating my home. It is fun to follow the points n' subteams and stuff, though. So, yeah, proud to be a semi-active member of one of the world's top folding teams.


                                                                      I started back when the team first started.
                                                                      I had already been folding, and changed to join this team when it started.

                                                                      I don't remember why, probably because I hung out here alot.

                                                                      I am a Sun Microsystems Systems Engineer, and I work too damn much.
                                                                      Use Trillian
                                                                      YHWH is here...


                                                                        i joined when i bought my 8500LE and registered to tell you peeps about the good deal /w the 3.3 memory and this forum has been my fave since. i would just like to see the team moving forward that is all. i have some spare parts to donate when that thing gets going.
                                                                        [email protected] -- personal goal: 35k po!nts...for now.

                                                                        Join Rage3D's team! [team number: 64]
                                                                        If you like eating beef and are afraid of getting Mad Cow Disease, then you should join Rage3D's [email protected] team and help to find a cure faster! :)
                                                                        Thanks for those of YOU who'd joined; YOU are making a difference!

                                                                        :: direction.diligence.discipline.


                                                                          Real name is James and I'm a network admin for a cancer clinic. I first learned of the folding project here so I decided this would be the team to fold for. That and all the free tweak/catalyst advice...


                                                                            My real name is Michael. I'm a 24yr old Network Administrator for Indiana University Purdue University, Fort Wayne. I'm also a diabetic.

                                                                            I've folded on and off for some time, just so happen to be making an interesting run at the top 100 right now. I fold for myself and the advancements in science it can provide.

                                                                            I came to rage3d when I first bought my generation1 radeon. I've never left, and I don't post alot, but I read.


                                                                              OTI-056, OTI-087, S3 Trio V64, S3 TrioGX + Elsa Gloria-L, S3 VirgeDX + Elsa GLoria-L, Matrox Millenium + Monster3D, TNT2, Geforce256, Creative Geforce2MX, Radeon 9000Pro, Sapphire 9500Pro, Sapphire 9600XT, Club3D 9800Pro, Club3D 6600GT, ELSA Falcox X800XT-PE, XFX 7600GTXXX, Sapphire HD 2900XT, MSI HD 4850, MSI R5850 /OC, XFX HD 6870, MSI R6950 Twin Frozr II/OC, HD 7950.


                                                                                First of all, a big thanks to all those who have posted here - nice to see so many old & new faces represented there! Here is the list of all those who have checked in so far:

                                                                                Intolerant Zealot
                                                                                Fat Jez

                                                                                Are there any Team Folders not on that list that you either know or see post in other forums? Please take a moment and PM or otherwise contact each of them, asking them to both check in and visit this thread. The information that will follow is important to everyone!!!

                                                                                EDIT: please don't feel obligated or pressured to reveal personal information in this thread. just drop in and say hi!
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