Tried posting once and got an error, didn't show post so I'm repeating (if it posts twice I apologize). I have a Powercolor x800gt pci-express 256mb video card that I attempted to flash (to unlock more pipelines if possible), and ended up with a bad flash. Floppy drive quit working during flash, and the original bios was destroyed in the drive (temper). It's an r480 core according to the gpu, but ATI tools previously recognized it as an r423. I've tried both blindflashing and flashing with a pci card, neither have worked thus far. Both atiflash (numerous versions) and flashrom give me an error " Adapter not found/ No ATI Adapter found". Do I have any chance of recovering? I have found a replacement bios that should work, I simply cannot get my computer to recognize the card to flash it. Thanks in advance for any advice.