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Is it the video card or the drivers or the connection?

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  • HowardPM

    Ok, so it must have been a bad driver install. I uninstalled the Catalyst Drivers and rebooted and it still had the issue, then I noticed windows still had the 200 series drivers listed in the device manager. So i deleted that and then the issue went away, but I had no video drivers installed. So I downloaded the 14.6 beta drivers installed them and I'm not seeing the issue anymore.

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  • Is it the video card or the drivers or the connection?

    I have a Sapphire Radeon 270X Toxic Edition connected to a Samsung SyncMaster S27B350. If I look at the screen from any angle other then straight on I I see lines both horizontal and vertical. Its most viable on white backgrounds (

    I'm pretty sure its not the monitor since I plugged it into my laptop and it looks fine. Though when I tested it I did have to use a VGA cable instead of HDMI since my laptop only has VGA.

    Now for some details I'm Using the HDMI connection and running the latest ATI 14.4 drivers.

    Any suggestions? I checked the refresh rate and its set to 60hz and I also made sure the monitor drivers are installed.