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HD7970 black screen

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    HD7970 black screen


    This is my first Radeon card, I have come over from the darkside

    I have had the card a few days now and I am impressed with the performance.
    However I seem to have created a big problem, I activated the 'G' button profile in the tweak program and then pressed the 'burn' button my system rebooted.
    a couple of seconds after win 7 64 boots the screen turns to full vertical green white lines, after about 30 secs the screen goes black and the fans go into overdrive.

    Can anyone please help.


    what tweak program, what g button? what radeon card? spam?
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      Asus Matrix HD7970 3 GB

      Tweak GPU program installs with the card


        Safe Mode
        One-press VBIOS reload
        The Safe Mode button resets the graphics card back to default frequencies and BIOS settings. This is a very useful feature for hardware enthusiasts and experimental tuning - think of it like the motherboard's clear CMOS function.
        Find that button on your card and push it.

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          thanks for your help, after a few hours of trying this and that it sorted itself out, by pressing the safe button

          All is now well

          thanks again