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    VPU Recovery

    Ever sense I've had this system I get VPU Recovery errors at random times during gaming(sometimes 20 minutes in, sometimes hour+ in, or never), Causing the game to crash to the desktop. I also get artifacts (small solid blue checkers usually) that seem to be at random times. But very short (blink of an eye) and not often. My video card idles at around 45c and goes to mid 70c at full load. This is with 90% fan speed. The weird thing is, It used to do this a lot more, but it has been happening more infrequent over time.

    I scanned with ati tool 0.27 beta 4. within a minute of the artifact scan i got a "beep"(artifact). Than I just constantly got a beep every 10 seconds or even every few seconds. I ran the test for about 5 minutes. My GPU temp got a max of 75c and the gpu (mem) was 80c and gpu shadercore 71c within that time.

    All of the components are brand new
    amd phenom 9850
    biostar ta790gx a2+
    powercolor (PLAY! edition) HD4850 (8.12 drivers)
    buffalo select RAM (2g)
    Corsair 650TX
    XP home 32bit