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4870 randomly throwing overheat protection.

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    4870 randomly throwing overheat protection.

    just recently my card's been randomly throwing itself into overheat mode.

    i could be doing anything:

    playing a game
    browsing the net
    watching a movie
    idling with music
    doing absolutely nothing.

    this can happen with the fan config of:

    GPU-Z records temps at:
    gpu idle: 50-80 (depending on fan)
    gpu load: 60-80 (depending on fan)

    vrm idle: ~70c (average of all sensors)
    vrm load: ~105c (average)

    this happens with the software configs of:
    less than one year old windows
    fresh install of windows


    anyone else have any ideas of what i should try or is my card just dying?

    i can't reproduce it at all and it seems to happen at the most inopportune
    moments.. like, for example, forgetting to save my photoshopping after
    an hour.
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    Check for dust clogged in your videocard's ventilator, on the CPU cooler and any fan in your PC's case.
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      Besides that, maybe the card's HSF is a bit loose. If so maybe you can tighten it a little with a screwdriver.

      Windows XP 32 pro + Windows Vista 32 Ultimate, CCC + ATi Tray Tools
      Club3D HD4890 Superclocked Edition (950/1050·4) with Accelero S1 rev2 + Turbo Module (2 80mm low-profile fans w/o frame)
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      Gigabyte GA-MA790FXT-UD5P (socket AM3, chipset AMD-790FX)
      Phenom II X4 955-BE @ stock
      4x2GB Geil DDR3-1333 7-7-7-24-33 1.5V @ 1333MHz 7-7-7-24-33-1T 1.6V; dual channel enabled; unganged mode
      Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 with gameport, AverMedia AVerTV Hybrid Super007
      2x WD 640GB Caviar Blue (SATA) in RAID 0, DVD reader (IDE), 2 DVD recorders (SATA+IDE), floppy drive, card reader
      Corsair VX-550W, one +12V x 41A rail, 81-85% efficiency

      Windows XP 32 pro, no CCC, ATi Tray Tools
      Sapphire X1950pro 512MB AGP (580/702·2 MHz) with Accelero X2
      CRT Nokia 446Xpro (19", 107 kHz) @ 1600x1200x75Hz (desktop) or 1280x1024x85Hz (games)
      Asrock AM2NF3-VSTA (nForce3 250); HT@804 MHz (motherboard limitation, 3216MB/s up + 3216MB/s down)
      Athlon64 X2 5000+ Brisbane (@13*201=2613MHz)
      2x2GB Buffalo 2.1V + 2x1GB Kingston 2.0V, both DDR2-800 4-4-4-12-2T@ 2*373MHz (2613/7) 4-4-4-12-2T 2.0V; dual channel enabled
      56k modem, drives etc
      Corsair VX-450W, one +12V x 33A rail, 81-85% efficiency
      190W maximum consumption from the wall (monitor apart)


        unfortunately, i wish it were that simple.
        i try to keep my case relatively clean so not much can build up in it.

        i've checked that as well but everything seems fine with it - not loose at all.

        unfortunately, there is almost zero chance for me to reproduce it at will so
        getting the card rma'd is out of the question -- unless it just declines so far
        enough that it just dies.

        thanks for the replies guys. gonna keep trying stuff with it.
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          i started logging with gpuz to see if something was up. after a couple of days
          it finally threw the code again.

          2009-01-01 20:39:31 ,              815.0   ,               46.0   ,          0   ,           26.4   ,                         62.0   ,
          2009-01-01 20:39:32 ,              500.0   ,               46.0   ,          0   ,           25.7   ,                         62.0   ,
          2009-01-01 20:39:33 ,              815.0   ,               46.0   ,          0   ,           26.4   ,                         62.0   ,
          2009-01-01 20:39:34 ,              815.0   ,               46.0   ,          0   ,           26.4   ,                         62.0   ,
          2009-01-01 20:39:48 ,              815.0   ,               46.0   ,         22   ,           26.4   ,                         62.0   ,
          2009-01-01 20:39:48 ,              200.0   ,               -1.0   ,        200   ,            0.0   ,                          0.0   ,
          2009-01-01 20:39:49 ,              200.0   ,               -1.0   ,        200   ,            0.0   ,                          0.0   ,
          2009-01-01 20:39:50 ,              200.0   ,               -1.0   ,        200   ,            0.0   ,                          0.0   ,
          2009-01-01 20:39:51 ,              200.0   ,               -1.0   ,        200   ,            0.0   ,                          0.0   ,
          core speed, gpu usage, fanspeed, vddc current and vrm2 (highest of all 3
          vrm sensors for me).

          i was watching a movie at the time of the crash.

          i'm going to wait for 09.1s to come out and see if that does anything (i only
          started noticing this happening with 08.12s - but i'm finding it hard to believe
          that drivers are causing the cards overheat sensor to engage). otherwise,
          i might have to try and rma the card and hope i don't get a non-reference
          4870 from asus (their d5 version).

          low yield toner cartridge.


            For some reason it seems my temps have gone up about 5c with the 8.12s. I don't have any crashes, but I have to increase my fan speed by 20% to get close to the same temps I got with the 8.11s. Even then they never get down to the previous cats temps. Fluke? Not sure, but was wondering for a while myself. May try and revert back and take a glimpse.


              yeah, i'm gonna be reverting back to the 08.11s because my one year in-store
              warranty ends early february.

              hopefully it really is just a driver thing for either of us because i really don't
              want to end up rma'ing the card and waiting 2-3 weeks for a replacement.

              2-3 weeks without a computer.

              how will i fap.. ?
              low yield toner cartridge.


                quick update for anyone who cares;

                08.11 drivers seem to be fine.
                since the only time i've ever seen the overheat protection come up
                consistantly is when i'm watching i movie (without fail, although sometimes it
                will come up in 30 minutes, sometimes a couple hours, but it will fail), i was
                able to leave it running on movies/tv_eps since saturday night and it has not
                failed yet.

                i guess i wasn't going crazy when i was thinking it had to be the drivers but,
                at the same time, i couldn't understand how the drivers could throw a
                hardware protection switch off.
                low yield toner cartridge.