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Catalyst Control Center + monitor switching issues

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    Catalyst Control Center + monitor switching issues

    God, I hate the CCC. I really hate it. It's unresponsive, loads slowly, and for the love of god, why is it based on .NET? Bleh.

    Anyway, I have an HTPC setup with an X1650 Pro, Catalyst 6.12, with the VGA running to the monitor and the DVI to the HDTV. I have two profiles saved that are activated by hotkeys which switch between the two (first profile enables the monitor and disables the HDTV, second profile does the reverse). This usually works fine, even if it does take the damn CCC about 10 seconds to actually execute the switch. The problem is, the second I run any OpenGL or DirectX app and exit out, profile switching no longer works. The hotkeys do not work. Selecting the profile from the taskbar menu does not work. Opening the profile in the profile manager and clicking "Activate" does not work. I have to reboot the the PC to have monitor switching functionality return.

    Now, I don't really care why it happens, I just care that it does. I need a way to switch between the two displays that will always work. So, a couple questions:

    1) Are there other, more reliable programs that can do this and remember the resolution used for each display? The monitor uses 1440x900, and the HDTV uses 1920x1080. This is the one good thing that the CCC does: it remembers the settings I had for each monitor when it switches. Too bad it works like shite.

    2) Somewhat related, I refused to use the CCC for a long time, installing only the latest drivers and the last released version of the original ATI Control Panel. The ATI CP also had hotkeyed display switching and profile saving, and it also saved the resolution for each monitor. And it always worked, most importantly. Question is, is it still possible for me to uninstall the CCC with driver rev. 6.12, and use the old CP, on an X1650? This would be fine for my purposes, since I don't really care about the rest of the CCC functionality.

    Any help would rock. Thanks.